DJ and Producer with over 14 years of career, Gustavo Scorpio stands out as an official remixer for international stars and playing major parties.

Always looking for what is “fresh and new” in the world of music, the award-winning DJ/Producer Gustavo Scorpio stands out when it comes to mixing. He has impeccable technique with an emphasis on vibrant house, predominantly melodic, with great harmonies and strong tribal percussion’s going from Progressive House beats to the Big Room Circuit sounds. He’s often referred to as a “DJ’s DJ” who sets the bar higher by creating the most up-to-date sounds in the world. His music has set trends in the music community.

His talent as a producer has evolved in a way that in 2010, a mix made at first just for fun, put him to work with Sony Music NY, one of the largest multinational phonographic companies, to create an official single for “Pop Goes the World” from the US band “The Gossip” with other invites from Sony to participate in other new releases. Gustavo Scorpio has long been considered one of the most important Producers and DJs on the Latin-American music scene and now in the US. His mixes are commonly heard on dance floors around the world.

The successes for this true talent in the ever changing face of music continue to come much to his delight. He has officially remixed tracks for major artists like tracks by Beyonce, Enrique Iglesias, Kelly Clarkson, Leanne Rhymes, Gloria Estefan, Jennifer Lopez and Suzanne Palmer. The calls keep coming and the music man keeps creating, playing and all much to the delight of audiences everywhere. Original works, sanctioned remixes, event schedule increases and his personal goals flying by as they are achieved. Talent is something that oozes from the mind of this music maestro.

If you thought hearing one of the famous podcasts was enough you will just have to make sure you catch his live performances some where to hear his latest works from some of the largest internationally known superstars that are now seeking him out to create masterpieces with them much like the musical genius who have gone before.

This Brazilian has truly won the respect of DJs, Producers and fans, at first in his hometown of Rio de Janeiro and now, the World. Look for Gustavo Scorpio across the Globe and hear his mixes everywhere.